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Tianjin North Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer dedicated to the magnetic separation industry. Relying on the international leading magnetic separation and vibration conveying technology, it aims at designing and manufacturing high-performance equipment to provide the industry with high-performance and high-quality designed magnetic sorting, magnetic automation and vibration conveying equipment. With rich application experience in professional and technical fields, we can solve the problems encountered in product processing, purification and quality review for enterprises.

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Dry Powder Electromagnetic Filters

Dry Powder Electromagnetic Filters

Dry powder electromagnetic separator is an electromagnetic separator specially developed for powders. It is used to remove fine ferromagnetic or paramagnetic pollutants contained in raw materials so as to obtain high-grade materials in the ppm ~ ppb level.

Dry powder electromagnetic separator can provide high-gradient magnetic separation to fine powder at a high capacity flow. It consists of a solenoid coil, matrix, vibrator drive, housing and cooling system. After the coil excitation is stable, the matrix produces regions of extremely high gradient. As the material flows through the magnetized elements, the fine ferromagnetic or paramagnetic contaminants are captured, resulting in a high-purity product. The exceptionally high intensity field generated by the electromagnet provides peak separation efficiency.

Design principle

The steel case and inside electromagnetic coil constitute an electromagnet, which can generate strong magnetic field in the coil inner hole. The magnetic matrix placed in the coil inner hole converges the magnetic field to form a high field strength and high gradient sorting area. It effectively captures iron particles to obtain high-purity products.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Peak magnetic field strength above 21,000 Gauss
  • High-frequency and low-vibration improve the material capacity
  • Conduction oil forcedly circulates heat to ensure safe operation
  • Constantly monitor flow and temperature, extend equipment life
  • Automatic iron unloading improves production efficiency

Optional configuration

  • Three background magnetic field strengths are available
  • Four standard sizes are available for different capacity
  • Three excited matrix can be choose according to products


Remove weakly magnetic oxides, crumb iron rust and other contaminants from fine powder materials and purify the material.

Material handling

Battery materials, electronic packaging materials, cosmetic, abrasives, refractory, alumina, talc, silica sand, zircon, ceramics, food and medicine, etc.